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For transport and wellness of your dog, carriage dog, kennels, dog's bed & box handcrafted

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Il Trasportino begins from love for animals and technical construction. Our products have a double point of view: first of all, to respect the wellness of our dogs, second, to create a functional product welldone, in all its totalness.

Primary need, is to respect the wellness of animals, our dear friends, using right materials, considering their necessary spaces, using also, the law standards of actual laws,regarding health toward them. To all of this, we add a great passion for things welldone.

Carriage dog's, Dog's bed and Boxes, are done by handcrafting, we use materials as aluminum or washable laminate and not corroder rust. Each product is studied and projected in each minimum detail, to be applied at every type of different car, or different needs.

We can claim the originality of our products, without forgetting the needs of Customers regarding money budget. Our prices are much competitive than industrial products, giving Customer a superior product in technology and health also.

You'll find applications for all Your needs. Don't hesitate to ask us anything, if you don't find it here in our site in our projects, surely there is.



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